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La Truffe Sauvage

Our Philosophy

Our menus reflect a combination of local interests and Chef Mohameds' interpretation of food and how it is best enjoyed. He takes great pride in the quality and style of the preparations he creates and wants everyone to appreciate and enjoy the freshest, highest quality available. Chef Mohamed is articulate in his selection of seafood, meats, produce and all the ingredients utilized in his preparations. Each season brings its' own character and bounty, something Chef Mohamed incorporates on a regular basis. Some items are limited in availability and are found incorporated with our nightly specials. Our menus are updated seasonally to allow the diner to enjoy the best of the season. Chef Mohamed is happiest when our guests enjoy his creations.

Chef Mohamed utilizes his experience from living on the Mediterranean coast of Algiers and selects only the finest fish and shellfish available. Whether it's Wild Alaskan King Salmon or Red Snapper from the Gulf, only the best will be accepted. Chef Mohamed has established relationships with vendors who assist in his vision to provide the finest seafood on the market.

When it comes to the selection of meats, Chef Mohamed's standards are equally maintained. Before anything is placed on the menu, it is tested and tasted many times. Certified Angus Beef is the only beef allowed, and equal attention is given to our tender veal and lamb. All our meats our acquired from domestic producers and are regularly checked to ensure the finest quality is being served.

All the sauces are created from our own stocks from scratch, which can be found constantly simmering in our custom kitchen. Our artisinal breads are also created from our own sourdough cultures and baked in our deck oven on the hearth to create bread which not only sates the palate but also enriches the soul. Chef Mohamed has also created fantastic soups and salads which anyone can appreciate. Everything has its own match, the Walnut Vinaigrette for our House Salad, or the Roasted Shallot Vinaigrette for the Beet, Asparagus and Montrachet Salad. Desserts also receive equal attention and are the ultimate finale for a fine dinner. Our Raspberry Creme Brulee is unmatched with it's fresh raspberries, white chocolate creme brulee and crisp puff pastry shell. Or our Housemade Lemon Gelato with toasted Swiss Meringue is an experience you will always remember.

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La Truffe Sauvage   815 West Bayou Pines Drive   Lake Charles, LA 70601   (337) 439-8364